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About Me
I have an intense love of travelling the world and I escape town every chance I get!! Anything with a globe or world map always catches my eye and I have to have it! I enjoy writing my blog & allowing others to follow my travel excursions as well as my daily adventures of life. 

My philosophy for life is that you get to design a life you love, one step at a time. Through coaching, I empower others so they can be their best self and do their best work! I can give you back some of your time and freedom by coaching you to develop a life you love to live!
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A bit more about Cydnee Rae:
She has a Master's degree in Media, Communications and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration & Human Resources from Utah State University.

Along side of coaching, Cydnee is the creator and owner of Small Step Solutions where she does social media management and other online services. 
Design a life you Love, One Step at a Time.
~ Cydnee Rae ~
Key to Life #1: 
Live with Gratitude
When you can bring gratitude into your life daily, you find that life is full of growth opportunities. While gratitude doesn't get rid of the negative things that happen, it brings a perspective that allows you to work through anything.

A daily gratitude practice is essential to living a happier life and creating life of progression.
Key to Life #2: 
Daily Habits Create Opportunities for Success
Daily habits are the small steps of life. As you increase the quality of your daily habits, the quality of your life increases. 

Creating daily habits that align with your life vision and goals, will allow you to achieve those goals in a faster, more fulfilling way!
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